OpenDelta brings scalable, sustainable, and transparent yield-bearing assets to DeFi. We do so by bridging CeFi liquidity into DeFi in a trust-minimized way, creating products that earn yield from the most liquid and efficient markets in crypto.

OpenDelta's flagship product is the OpenDelta Perpetual Bond (OPB). OPB is a yield-bearing token designed for stable value accrual. OPB is created using BTC collateral that's hedged in a delta-neutral position on derivatives markets in a trust-minimized way. This position is denominated in USD, offering stability and downside protection, but operates entirely independently of the fiat banking system.

The yield on OPB is generated through the funding payments made in the derivatives markets where the delta-neutral position lives. This provides an ongoing source of sustainable and market-driven yield for OPB holders when funding rates are positive. The OpenDelta perpetual bond is the first crypto-native, dollar-denominated, scalable, and sustainable savings vehicle.


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